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Sibanalitpribor OOO (Limited Liability Company)

Sibanalitpribor has been developing and producing optoelectronic instruments, measurement instruments, and systems for ecological and meteorological monitoring since 2000.

The basic kind of innovative products is ultrasonic automatic meteorological stations. These are the ultrarsonic meteorological AMK-03 complex, the transportable automatically-controlled meteorological 1B65 complex, the meteorological aircraft 1B65B complex, as well as their modifications.

All of the instruments have the type approval certificates for military-oriented and civilian measuring instruments, are produced in medium batches for solving scientific, applied, and special tasks.

Sibanalitpribor is a general contractor and co-contractor of the projects aimed at the development and market launch of new measurement instruments and monitoring facilities.

Sibanalitpribor is commercializing developments of the SB RAS (Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences) Institute for Monitoring of Climate and Ecological Systems. Generally, these are monitoring facilities of environmental conditions and meteorological instruments. The company takes part in projects of developing measurement instruments of a new generation by using the high level of science and methodological support.

Our developments include:

Raman gas analyzer
The instrument is based on Raman spectroscopy and intended for high-precision determination of molecular component composition of a gas environment.

Optical mercurial gas analyzer
The instrument is designed to identify mercury vapor in the air composition and provides real-time mode measurement.

Portable electronic meteorological stations
Portable electronic meteorological stations are mounted on the unmanned aerial vehicle, and intended for contact measurement of vertical profiles of air temperature, air humidity, and atmosphere pressure.

Optical precipitation gauge
Provides long-time automatic measuring of general characteristics of atmospheric precipitation (precipitation amount and current intensity), as well as defines the kind of precipitation, time of precipitation beginning, and duration.

Portable controlling complex of ultrasonic thermoanemometer
The complex is developed to check meteorological characteristics of developed automatic meteorological complexes of AMK-03 series and their modifications.

We also provide engineering services to the companies and organizations located in Tomsk Region. It includes: development and production of the complete set of construction documentation, and development of technical documentation. Processing and preparation of materials and components — metal work, laser, and electric resistance welding, electropolishing of metal stainless steel parts, plastic casting, mounting of circuit plates, air wiring mounting of radioelectronic components, and metal work assembly operations. We also perform climate and technical trial running.

The main consumers of our developments are scientific research institutions (institution of the Russian Academy of Sciences, leading universities and specialized research centers), the Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation, Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, and industrial facilities.